Our bipartisan professionals have expertise in the substance, process, and culture of Capitol Hill, providing the foundation of our consistently successful advocacy efforts. Using that foundation, we continue to meet the three basic requirements of successful advocacy:

    • Solid comprehension of the facts and issues.
    • Clear communication with all parties.
    • Credibility among decision-making legislators, staff, and agency officials.

Effective Legislative Advocacy Works in Many Ways Advocacy with government requires an open mind, and the flexibility to achieve goals. In one direction, we educate Federal decision makers on a client’s specific objectives and garner their support. In another, we educate clients about the legislative and appropriations processes. By keeping our clients informed and involved, we help them become their own best advocates.

To smooth the road and reach our goals as quickly as possible, we build a relationship between the client and Federal decision makers through strategic counsel and planning, open communication of up-to-date information, and advocacy through active participation in Congressional, Administrative, and stakeholder activities on the client’s behalf.

Arriving With Results
The results of our advocacy efforts speak for themselves. Here are some examples:

    • Active participation in the creation of three major sections of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.
    • Securing Federal legislation enabling Missing in Action (MIA) flags to be flown legally on the same flag pole, beneath the US flag, helping to promote the cause of searching for our missing soldiers, sailors and airmen.
    • Working with the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of Chisholm Group clients in the matter of the US/Mexico border fence.
    • Introducing celebrities to testify before Congressional committees, such as Ricky Martin.
    • Preparing clients to deliver testimony, including drafting testimony and training clients how to handle hostile questioning.
    • Arranging Congressional tours of clients’ projects.