For nearly twenty years, Chisholm Solutions has provided a full-range of acquisition support services, with a focus on performance-based acquisition, to federal agencies across the government. Our seasoned procurement experts have decades of acquisition experience and bring practical understanding of how to plan and execute effective acquisition strategies that achieve agency objectives. We enable agencies to get the requirements right at the beginning of the acquisition process and establish effective monitoring techniques to ensure programmatic success.

Chisholm Solutions capabilities include:

Pre-solicitation Support

  • Facilitate collaboration and communication between procurement and program offices
  • Define desired business outcomes
  • Define requirements
  • Plan milestones and timelines to meet program needs and expectations
  • Conduct market research, including assisting in due diligence sessions
  • Develop the acquisition strategy
  • Develop the acquisition plan
  • Provide subject matter expertise on OMB regulations and guidance

Solicitation and Evaluation Support

  • Develop draft and final statements of work (SOWs), performance work statements (PWSs), statements of objectives (SOOs), and quality assurance surveillance plans (QASPs), including templates
  • Develop effective evaluation factors and proposal instructions
  • Develop the rating plan
  • Develop the independent government cost estimate
  • Provide advice, guidance and support for the source selection process, including thorough reviews of performance metrics, incentives/disincentives and past performance
  • Assist in negotiations and debriefs

Post-award Support

  • Monitor contractor performance, including QASP implementation
  • Facilitate meetings with contractors and the government to discuss monthly report deviations and overall performance