Stephen J. ChisholmStephen J. Chisholm is President and Managing Director of The Chisholm Group. Mr. Chisholm’s diverse career includes leadership positions as a lobbyist, journalist, executive director of a non-profit, public analyst and campaign consultant. He is a lecturer and author and has offered expert knowledge on government relation strategies, political advocacy, coalition management, and legislative affairs.

Prior to founding The Chisholm Group, Mr. Chisholm held senior non-profit positions including serving as Executive Director of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. He is credited with saving the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project (HVRP); at that time, the only federally funded job training and placement plan for homeless veterans.

Mr. Chisholm was honored as “Legislative Advocate of the Year” and has received awards for his tireless advocacy of community–based and veteran’s issues. He is an original member of the Presidential Commission, the Veterans National Service Council.

Mr. Chisholm holds a law degree from Temple University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Bowdoin College. He was an American Field Services (AFS) International Scholar and attended the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. A native of Rockland, Maine, Mr. Chisholm is a proud graduate of Maine’s public schools.

Mr. Chisholm is active in charitable and philanthropic organizations in Washington, D.C., Arizona and in his home state of Maine. He is an original board member of Timber Trails Children’s Project in Arizona. Mr. Chisholm’s long-standing involvement in charitable concerns dates back to his high school appointment by the governor of Maine to the Maine Red Cross Board of Directors.