Many Americans believe that Congress is incapable of achieving results given its current political split between Republicans, Democrats and Tea-Party members in both the House and Senate.

While it is painfully true that on large issues such as regulatory reform, the debt ceiling and economic stimulus the parties are split on dogmatic principles, in every other aspect, Congress continues to function and a successful advocacy of a client’s needs can produce outstanding results.

Few realize that the advocacy of a small, even a micro-business or organization’s needs by a recognized and respected advisory firm such as The Chisholm Group may well achieve a positive outcome, even when Congress itself seems split and divided.

With a strong knowledge of the process, the people and the strategic planning to bring your needs before the right members, your goals can still be attained. Despite all we hear in the media, Congress continues to perform its tasks and duties to serve your needs as constituents.

One doesn’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to have respected advocacy on Capitol Hill working towards your goals and ambitions. We serve organizations of as few as 10 people, advocating and representing the interests of nurses, foodservice and restaurant workers, children’s aid groups, anti-bullying campaigns, schools and small communities.

Let us work for you and bring your needs before Congress the right way; the productive way, delivering results you can rely upon.

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